I'm Jennifer Carter

Founder of Prettyplantbasedlife

CEO Yen Talent & Staffing Agency

I have a passion for all things that create positive changes in the lives of others.  My goal is to share my experiences with others, create a space to learn and grow and together in health and wellness -  ultimately leaving this world a better than we found it. 

I started my first company in my early twenties, owning and operating a marketing, staffing  and events agency with over 500 employees under my personal management.  I had no previous experience owning a business but jumped in feet first, and never looked back.  I was young, and gained so much valuable knowledge about being a business owner and cultivating strong relationships and partnerships with the people. 

My business opened up opportunities to work alongside brands like MAXIM, UMM,  The Hudson Bay Company, TSN, Molson, Red Bull, and so many more! I've always been passionate about working hard, staying focused with a  positive attitude and mindset and living a healthy lifestyle.

Today I teach clients, just like you, how to up-level your lifestyle, and start living your best, healthiest life.  Together we will bring out your wow factor. Authentic happiness is so much more than a look.  It is a feeling and energy.  It is something we radiate from the inside out when we are living our best life.  Healthy happy and strong!  I'm on a mission to help you transform and make-over your life into something you're proud of.  I believe everyone should have an opportunity to feel confident and proud of the life they are creating. 

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