• Jen Carter

Summer Glow - Must Have!

I love this ultra rich cream with a light glow and sparkle. It was developed by celebrity make-up artist Bethany Karlyn, Prtty Peaushun evens out skin tone, enhances definition and tightens skin – giving you an overall glow that is as flattering in real life as it is in photographs.

A super sheer yet powerful all-over skin makeup with a real radiant glow, it wipes out the self-tanner and home bronzer market. It is that good. It’s natural-looking and, better still, it has all-natural ingredients that make you look and feel tighter, reduce the look of cellulite, cover and actually heal bruises, scrapes and cuts (that would be the arnica in it), hide stretch marks, blend tan lines and discolorations and reduce redness. As an added bonus, its botanicals naturally repel insects for summer porch and dock purposes.


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