• Jennifer Carter

IV Hydration

Hydration & Vitamin Drip IV Treatments are increasingly popular with celebrities, real housewives, health & anti aging enthusiasts.

While on a girls trip to Las Vegas I decided to finally go try the Push IV clinic. I've been planning on going for a while and finally did it. The clinic is just off the strip. You can go to the clinic, have the staff come to your hotel room or even meet you pool side. I decided to go check out the clinic with a girlfriend.

When we arrived we were greeted and brought to the treatment room. We sat down in the most comfortable massage chairs I've ever sat in. Then the nurse gave us the treatment options, prices and answered all of our questions. After we asked a few questions, we made our selections, turned on our massage chairs, picked a show on the TV and started to relax.

The nurse came around and one by one started our treatments.

I'm a huge baby when it comes to needles. I was nervous and honestly almost ready to chicken out at one point and just let my girlfriend tell me how it goes. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I came all this way to try the treatment and I needed to just stay calm and relaxed. When the nurse got to me she was so nice and so fast. I was completely fine. The way she put in the IV was so fast that I didn't feel much.

The nurse said some people feel cool when they have the treatment. I didn't feel cool. They gave us really nice cozy blankets.

During the treatment I was relaxed and started to feel better almost immediately. I could taste vitamin flavor in my mouth, and she said that's normal.

The whole process was about 45 min, and the IV is only in for about 15 min. It is slower if you're bending your arm and slowing down the drip. So if you want it quick, just leave your arm straight. This was so easy and it was a fun little girls date to do something healthy and good for our bodies. I was a dancing machine on this trip and I needed to re hydrate fast!

I could feel a difference in my energy and felt very hydrated. My girlfriend was really feeling her hangover and I think the IV was perfect for her. She felt so much better after and even went for drinks that night.

We had a lady next to us who goes every 2 weeks. She said the hydration and vitamins are awesome especially in a dry hot place like Las Vegas.

I am such a believer of natural health treatments and products. This experience was great. The staff were fabulous and sweet. I highly recommend calling Push IV on your next Vegas trip and give the drip a try!

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