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Gym to school pick up in one easy outfit

This is the struggle I have every school day morning. If you're like me and you have the "stay home" "work home" mom life, then you can understand where I'm coming from. I wake up and think OMG what will I wear today? I don't have time to come home and change four times for all the different things I have to do today. I fell like I have to get my outfit right and it has to work for EVERYTHING today!! I seriously do not have time in the morning to try to get more then one outfit mastered and looking fabulous at 6am in morning.

My days usually go like this: drop off my son at school, zip to a Lagree Class (modern day Pilates), run errands like groceries, meet people who are working on something at the house, fit in a coffee meeting or a coffee with another mom and then head back to the school again. Then stay and play at the park and finally drive home.

I feel like I may have mastered this outfit problem. My whole goal is to make my life (and yours easier) so we can be happier! If life is easy, and simple then your stress level is down. That's amazing right!!

Get your note pad ready....... First you need to get the basic black tight work out pants (you can get another color, but black goes with everything, so its easy!) I put my black tight work out pants on (see picture) then I wear a sports bra (you could have time to switch this to a bra after the class.) I wear a nice tank top and that is all I need for my workout class. Now, adding to it is the fun and surprisingly easy part. Lets start from the top. HAIR - You will either end up with you hair in a pony tail, cute bun, or even grab one of those super cute hats ..... they always look good, even with messy just worked out hair. You can put your hair in a side braid or just leave it down if its not too messy from working out. Next you need to think layers!!!!! Grab a necklace or scarf... next is your top. I either grab a blazer, a cape (see picture) sweater, or loose blouse that just hangs nice and doesn't wrinkle easily. I don't need runners for Lagree or spin or really any of the classes I do (weird!) so I make sure I put on a super cute stylish pair of knee high boots. (see picture) Then I always have a FABULOUS bag (with some sweet bling or purse puff action).

My outfit now works for my fitness class, and easily turns into day wear. After working out, I toss on my layers and boots and wow I actually look put together enough to go get other things done.

Other moms at the school always comment that I look "so put together" and I do!! Trust me, try this.

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