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How to successfully enjoy your life and become the best version of yourself.

To me this is in an inner and outer process. We can’t work on one and not the other. To be the very best version of yourself means you’re a total package. The best version of yourself is the happiest version of you. Everyone has their own idea of what this is to them. Let me ask you, "Are you in the best shape of your life?" "Are you the happiest, healthiest and most successful you’ve ever been?" Learn from me how to love yourself, and become the best YOU of your life.

TIP ONE - Know who you want to be!

- Make a list of the important qualities in others you admire.

- Create a clear list of your morals and values.

- Create ways to successfully accomplish these goals. You may find it helpful to work on this with your Life Coach.

These three lists will help keep you on track when making decisions. It’s amazing how black and white life decisions are when you know the direction you want to go, who the new you looks like, and where you draw your personal line in life. When you're able to easily and effortlessly align your decision making with your core values and goals, life will become a lot more simplified and you will start to see major positive changes. You will also find strength in having this consistency.

For example, if you want to be a more patient person, who manages time sensitive situations in a less stressful way. Come up with a plan to practice patience in stressful times. Counting to ten, taking some deep breaths, going to yoga or other stress relieving activities, are great examples of what changes you can make to accomplish your goal.

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