• Jennifer Carter

Make it personal on Valentines Day for that extra special "love" touch.

I'm all about thinking of unique ideas for gifts and this Valentines I'll share with you one of my favorite ideas.

As a life coach, I love gifts with meaning that will impact a person in a positive way. I came up with the idea for my clients to start using a journal to write down only powerful positive messages to themselves. These can include complements, positive things that happened that day, and things in their life they are grateful for. Self - Talk and our mindset has such a major impact on our day and life. The more we can create healthy habits for ourselves and be in a positive frame of mind, the more our lifestyle will have that same positive energy.

As a Valentines gift I thought it would be so sweet to give your special someone or even

best single friend a complements journal. Personalize it with a few complements and get the journal started. It's an easy way to spread some good warm and fuzzy feelings and make a gift more personalized. I love to use the journal for couples to leave complements and love notes to each other and then read it together before bed.

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