• Jennifer Carter

Be Thankful

Something very beautiful was brought back into my awareness after working with a client last week. I work a lot on goal setting with my clients as part of the life coaching process. As I was sitting there listening to her tell me how she aspires to be in a place where I am now in my life, it dawned on me. I was once in a place much similar to my client. I was setting my target, raising my personal standards for my life and on a mission for growth. I felt such sense of joy and accomplishment and was reminded to enjoy my achievements, and not only that but be much more thankful. When I say thankful, Im referring to being thankful for the life I am enjoying right now, because of the journey I had made to get here. Let me tell you, there has been some very rocky roads and massive mountains to climb to be where I am today. This moment was an amazing reminder to be mindful of how far I've come and pause to truly appreciate every little detail of the beautiful life I have.

I find I'm very goal oriented and as soon as I reach a goal, I'm onto the next one. I noticed that I wasn't taking enough time to be present in the moment, reflecting on all that I have accomplished. I reminded myself that there was a day when I had dreamed to have what I have today. I feel bless to come to this realization.

Accomplishing goals is amazing and I feel like it should be celebrated. I'm going to relax and enjoy the moment just a little longer. . . (smiles)

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