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Birthday Prep

Well, I can’t believe my little man is almost six. Its been such a fantastic experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Being a mom means I get to do so many different things and one of them is hosting some special fun birthday parties. Now I don’t go way overboard, but I do get pretty into it. I LOVE to host parties. I have a little step by step of how I prep for a Birthday party. I’ll also post the steps to all the things I make in a later post.

Months before the party I ask Carter what theme he wants. Sometimes this can be tricky, like the year he asked for a Paw Patrol & clock party in one. I managed, and it was great.

Once I have the theme, I hit up Pinterest…. Obviously, it’s the best place for inspiration. I start creating a board with different cakes, cupcakes, goodie bags, food tablescape, and any other party related pictures. I start shopping on Amazon for party items like the napkins, plates, balloons, table decorations I may need. I keep my eyes open for loot bag

e party I decide what sweets I’m going to have and I order the cake. This year I ordered…. Oh yes… a GF, Dairy Free, Egg free Vega cake. Even I have food allergies now. I also get the ingredients I need for any sweet treats I’m making. I decided to do cake pops, Lego chocolate, and Lego heads. I even prep the loot bags.

Four days before I order the download and print the water bottle labels. Start making the cake pops, Lego heads, and Lego chocolate. It does take me days to do all the prep.

Three days before I wrap the water bottles, wrap the candy containers, finish the sweets. Two days before I start blowing up the balloons. It all does take time… so don’t wait until the last minute!

The day before I pick up any food I’m making and get all that prepped. I pre-set the table once beforehand, to be sure I have everything and decide where I will put what on the day of the party.

Day of I blow up the helium balloons, pick up the cake, set the table and make any of the food that needs to be cooked that day. Then I have fun and PARTY!!!!


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