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Making walks with kids an adventure.

Yesterday we decided to go for a nice long walk. To celebrate Canada and the 150th Birthday our family wants to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. One of the things that helps me relax and is a great way to tire out any kid & dog is to get out for a long walk.

I'm always trying to come up with new ideas to make life more interesting and fun. As a parent, it's just part of the job to entertain the kids and keep thinking of creative ways to do it. Part of my parenting philosophy is to have my child fit into my world, so I can continue to enjoy the things I love and expose him to new things. Weather its a walk, bike rides, or restaurant, I find a way to make it kid friendly!

I hope you enjoy this idea and use it for your family. There are so many beautiful parks and laces to explore this summer.

Here's what I did for our scavenger hunt. I put each item on a piece of bright paper, and placed them in a zip lock bag. We also used the bag to hold the items he collected.

We love to enjoy summer as much as possible. I've put together a list of some fun things you can do with your children on a walk to make it a little more exciting.

- Create a scavenger hunt

Items for the hunt: find ten different flowers, spot 3 different dogs, collect one large, medium and small stone, find something green, find numbers (they can look on houses for this) smell all the flowers you see, measure 2 different trees, find a dunk, bird, ant, pinecone, and dandelion.

You can find fun bingo style sheets on the web and if you have time you can print them out for your kids.

  • Give them a magnifying glass to look a little closer at the things they find.

  • Bring a measuring tape or ruler to measure things

  • Bring a bag for the items they find and want to collect. You can use them in crafts later.

In the spirit of Canadas 150 Birthday our family is going to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible! Yesterday we went on a nice long walk. I wanted to make it more fun for my son so I put together a scavenger hunt and we went on our way. He found everything on the list and a few extra items as well.

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