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Share a Smile Today

Anyone who follows me on Snapchat will have seen my absolutely hilarious video today. I was talking about our interactions with people and how we decide to conduct ourselves.

There are two points I want to discuss; the first one is our day-to-day behavior. We have the choice as to how we act and treat others, why not choose to be a happy person and a positive person who brings joy smiles and sparkle to other people's lives. Just being our beautiful happy selves ultimately makes us feel better and we generally enjoy life more. There are enough negatives in the world and I feel like we never know what others may be dealing with behind closed doors. If we could all make an effort to be consciously and authentically kinder throughout our day to day interactions, just think of the positive chain reaction we can create. I'm challenging each of my readers and followers to be a smile giver, not a frown maker. Since we do have the choice I always strive to be like that instead of the "Debbie Downer' "sally Sour Puss" negative person. I promise you if you choose to be happy and enjoy life and smile and laugh, then your days are going to be a lot more enjoyable. The manner in which we choose to conduct ourselves is a reflection of us, our family, brand, everything!! Think about that! The way others are around us is a reflection of our attitude. I personally enjoy positive, kind, success loving, relationships. The energy that we put off will be the energy that comes back to us.

The second point I want to talk about is the way we react to situations and others. It is completely our choice how we react to something and it can utterly change the outcome of a situation. Just think about it next time you're in a situation where there may be a disagreement. Someone is being rude to you and maybe in the heat of the moment you react negatively, lash out or yell back. Instead of acting that way, just take a moment to take a breath. Pause to think about the outcome you want from the situation. You want the situation to cool down and be a positive outcome. I promise you'll have a greater success in life in every situation when you master the art of self-control in intense situations. It's become especially challenging with the speed of the world through social media. This skill can be so helpful in relationships and to help people through breakups.

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