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Happy Halloween

Hosted a little Halloween themed playdate for the kids and their friends. Here's the list of fun activities, food, and games we put together. FOOD

  • Apples with teeth

  • Popcorn with gummy worms

  • Orange juice in glass bottles with pumpkin faces


  • Witches Potion - Recipe - baking soda and vinegar.

Each kid has their own bowl, Add the baking soda ahead of time. Just to be clear we googled this and found two different popular recipes. One with baking soda and one with baking powder. We tested both and they work the same. To make it even more fun, I put a few drops of food coloring in each bowl first and then covered it with the baking soda. When the kids poured the vinegar into the bowl and the ingredients combined the potion bubbled up in a different color for each of them.


  • Candy Treasure Hunt - we did a little candy treasure hunt with the kids. I added a few Halloween stickers and erasers. This is going to be my back up plan for Halloween night if they don't end up staying out long and collecting a good haul of candy.

Happy Halloween!! xo

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